More Than A Pretty Face

Captain Alan L. Matheson -

In addition to being a Certified Gunsmith that graduated with honors and a massive gearhead, Cap has a variety of credentials that he has achieved over the years.


Cap strives to work with every level from novice to professional shooters. He is able to modify or custom build anything you can dream of shooting. We do take extra special care of our Fire and LEO brothers and sisters as well as any others of service.


On July 15th, Cap will be unveiling his first of a special run dedicated to Utah Firefighters. This is a Limited Edition with only 20 pieces available. This gun will never be made again and we are currently taking preorders. Please join our mailing list if you are a Utah Fire or Rescue (or would like details for a loved one.) Due to the specific nature of this run proof of service will be required, current or retired. 



List of training, certifications credentials


25 years of Fire/Rescue/EMS
Effective rank of Battalion Chief
Utah Certified/National Certified –
EMT- Intermediates
Firefighter 1
Firefighter 2
Advanced medical training and teaching
Advanced  survival and navigation
Advanced mechanical engineering
Advanced armorers courses
Advanced handgun, rifle, shotgun, and machine gun training
Hunter’s Safety 
Concealed Carry Permits in 37 States


Contact us at- 520.252.0371

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