A Firearms Connoisseur...




Captain Alan Matheson is a Certified Gunsmith that graduated with honors. He has been shooting since childhood and has over 25 years of public service as a Combat Captain, firefighter, medic, and trainer for the state.


Cap is a gearhead and has a natural love and aptitude for anything with a rotor, motor, fuel or powder. In addition, The Matheson family has been in Southern Utah for over 125 years and is a part of the landscape which lends flavor as well as facts to the touring aspect of the company.

Cap's Certifications & Credentials


30 years of Fire/Rescue/EMS
Effective rank of Battalion Chief
Utah Certified/National Certified –
EMT- Intermediates
Firefighter 1
Firefighter 2

Advanced Fireground Tactics

Officer 1



American Heart Association Instructor

Utah Heart Association Instructor

National Safety Council Instructor

Utah Safety Council Instructor

Utah EMS Course Coordinator and Instructor

Utah Bureau of Emergency Services Evaluator

D.A.T.C. EMS Course Coordinator and Instructor

Utah Fire Instructor 1 & 2

Medical Training Officer

Fire Training Officer

Adjunct Professor U.F.R.A.

Adjunct Professor UVU
Advanced  survival and navigation
Advanced mechanical engineering

Armorer Certifications 

Certified Glock Armorer

M16 Certified Armorer

Springfield XD Armorer

Glock Armorer

1911 Armorer

Frontsight Trainings

Four-day Basic Handgun Distinguished Graduate (DG)

Two-day Skills builder (DG)

M16 Select Fire (DG)

Four-day Shotgun (DG)

Four-day Defensive Handgun (DG)

Advanced Handgun



Gunsmithing with honors

Hunter’s Safety


USCCA Member

NSSF Member

USSC Member

CMP Member

ATF Licenses

Current FFL

Current SOT

Current NFA Manufacturer

Concealed Carry Permits (in 42 states)